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Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers

The KIChE US Chapter is a forum for networking, and sharing ideas, information, and experiences among Korean/Korean-American Chemical Engineers in the United States. 

Gradient Background

Who is KIChE US Chapter?

KIChE-US Chapter was founded in 2002 to promote constructive and mutually beneficial interactions among Korean Chemical Engineers in the US and facilitate international collaboration between engineers in US and Korea. The Chapter currently consists of

  • ~150 members 

  • ~50 professors in universities in the United States

  • ~15 researchers in industry & national labs

  • ~20 postdocs

  • ~60 Ph.D. students

Prof. Younjin Min (UC Riverside) is the President of the Chapter. Former Presidents are Prof. Su Ha (Washington State, 2021-2022), Prof. Hyunmin Yi (Tufts, 2019-2020), Dr. Jaehun Chun (PNNL, 2017-2018), Prof. Daeyeon Lee (U Penn, 2015-2016), Prof. You-Yeon Won (Purdue, 2014-2015), Prof. Seong H. Kim (Penn State, 2012-2014), Prof. Jae W. Lee (the City University of New York, 2010-2012), Prof. Yong Lak Joo (Cornell, 2008 – 2010), Prof. Gyeong Soon Hwang (Texas, 2006-2008), Prof. Kyu Yong Choi (Maryland, 2004 – 2006), and the late Prof. James M. Lee (Washington State, 2002 – 2004).

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Current Executive Committee

  • President

Younjin Min (University of California, Riverside)

  • Vice President

Hyun-Tae Hwang (University of Kentucky)

  • Financial Director

Jay Hoon Park (University of Massachusetts, Lowell)

  • Directors of Organization

Taejin Kim (Stony Brook University)

Taeyoung Kim (Clarkson University)

Jae Won Lee (University of Missouri-Columbia)

Tae-Sik Oh (Auburn University)

Dongjin Seo (Brigham Young University)

Seok-Jhin Kim (Oklahoma State University)

Joseph S. Kwon (Texas A&M University)

  • Publicity Committee

Jinhye Bae (University of California, San Diego)

Ji-Hwan Kang (California State University, Long Beach)

  • Directors of Young Generation Affairs

Won-Tae Choi (University of Florida)

Yeongseon Jang (University of Florida)

  • Award Committee

Jaehun Chun (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Su Ha (Washington State University)

Hyunmin Yi (Tufts University)


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